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Why Gifting Beer Can Be Beneficial

Beer is known to come with several health benefits. One would need to consider beer as one of the best gifts. You would need to read on to know some of the benefits of gifting your beer lover beer.

One of the reasons you may need to consider buying your friend a beer gift include the fact that beer tends to be more nutritious when compared to other alcoholic drinks. Wine and beer is an alcoholic drink known to come with antioxidants. One would also need to note that beer tends to come with antioxidants found in barley but tend to differ from those found in grapes used to make wine. It would be critical to note that beer tends to come with proteins not found in wine. Beer also tend to come with helpful nutrients in the body such as phosphate, fiber, iron, and calcium.

You would also gift alcohol to a friend and improve their heart health. People who drink moderately are less likely to suffer heart attacks when compared to those who do not. Consumption of beer tends to come with a lower rate of cardiovascular diseases a reason you should consider gifting your friend beer.

You may also need to consider gifting your friend beer for its traits of reducing chances of kidney stones. In a case where you take beer sparingly you tend to stand lower chances of suffering kidney stones. Beer contains hops such as pale ales which tend to promote kidney health. Beer is also known to slow bad cholesterol. Beer tends to come with soluble fiber which tends to prevent or reduce bad cholesterol also known as LDL. Beer tends to come with bone-strengthening capabilities.

You would also need to consider enjoying stress reduction capabilities beer tends to come with. You may also consider gifting your friend beer in a case where he or she is suffering work-related stress. When taken in moderation, it can be one of the best stress reliever. Flavonoids found in beer are known to extend the benefit of slowing down memory degradation process in the brain. Beer also tend to prevent dementia by preventing oxidative damage through flavonoid found in beer. In addition, beer is known to help in cognitive function. Even while increased consumption of alcohol tends to come with shortcomings, gifting a friend beer especially where you know how to package the beer in question the right way.

While consumption of alcohol has not been endorsed by physicians as it may encourage heavy consumers to consume even more, you may need to consider gifting your friend beer. You may need to note that heavy drinking may be associated with hypertension, fetal alcohol syndrome, malnutrition, and pancreatitis. Excessive consumption of alcohol also tend to come with the risk of cancer.

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